Practice Access


Sorry, but the car park is for staff use only. Nearby street parking is available but can be restricted by other users in the area, so please arrive in good time to find a parking place. Those with a Blue Badge can park on the single yellow line outside the front door.


Access to services by the disabled

A wheelchair is available for those with difficulty in walking, which can be obtained through the reception staff. An induction loop is available at reception to help the hard of hearing have clearer conversations. This can also be provided for individual consulting rooms when necessary. Please feel free to ask the receptionist for any help that you may require. 


Other Access Issues 

Prams and Bicycles

Prams and bicycles may be left in the outer foyer of the main entrance to the Practice at your own risk. A metal wall bar is available for securing bicycles, however patients should provide their own chains/locks.


All dogs, with the exception of guide dogs, should be left outside the building. There are metal eyes available to secure a leash if required either side of the main sliding door.

Smoking & food

The building is a non-smoking building and we request that this be honoured. We would also request that patients do not eat or drink whilst waiting for their appointments. A cup of water may obtained from reception on request.