NHS Scotland information about COVID-19 is available here

NHS Lothian information about COVID-19, including local vaccination clinics, is available here

Further information from the practice about COVID-19 vaccines is available here.

Further information from the practice about recovery after COVID-19 is available here.

Covid-19 and Attending the Practice

COVID-19 continues to cause severe illness and is consequently resulting in severe strains on the NHS.

If you are unwell, or if the resources below do not address your questions, please do not attend the practice without a pre-arranged appointment.

For the vast majority of individuals a COVID infection is a mild, self-limiting illness – and we know many calls about COVID may not need an appointment – so we will try and answer some common questions and potentially save you an unnecessary delay.

Updated information about COVID is available at: Coronavirus (COVID-19) | NHS inform

If you are not feeling worse than you would expect with a normal winter cough or flu we would encourage you to first read this information before asking for an appointment with a doctor or nurse as most infections can be self-managed. The NHS inform website includes specific information about when you should be asking to speak to a doctor or nurse.

We would highlight that we would always want to speak to someone if they:

  • had been feeling feverish for more than a week;
  • have been coughing up any blood;
  • are having difficulty breathing;
  • are experiencing chest pain;
  • have clammy or mottled skin,
  • are passing very little urine, or
  • are excessively drowsy or newly confused

If you are at higher risk of severe COVID despite being vaccinated, you will receive a letter from NHS Lothian about your ongoing need for testing and treatment for COVID. These are organised directly by NHS Lothian, not by the practice. Further details are also available at the above NHS inform link.

If you were considering contacting the practice about non-coronavirus issues, please consider: